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CPA Magazine



CPA Magazine has named Smith and Raab's Houston Smith one of the "Top 40 Tax Advisors to Know During a Recession." According to the magazine, "Selecting the Top 40 . . . brought out the most select group yet.

"Every state society and national association of CPAs and accountants was invited to nominate candidates," the article continued. "And everyone selected had a bit of work to do. We asked each member of the Top 40 to provide 25 words of advice about tax planning during a recession."

Mr. Smith's comment in reply: "Got a lemon? Make lemonade! Use excess itemized deductions and personal exemptions to make tax-free withdrawals from retirement plans. Consider converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Take another look at Health Savings Accounts. And use this time to make gifts of depressed traded securities to children and grandchildren."